Sunday, October 13, 2013

Bowling Tip # 122 “LEAGUE CHAT”

   The new season started up in September, and if you’re bowling in a league then you’ve probably gone through about 6 weeks already.  I’m doing pretty good and have found a new place to bowl that has pretty consistent lanes. They hook a little more than the old place but I’ve adjusted well because I’ve gotten a new ball over the summer that hooks a bit less than my old one so it worked out great! How are you doing?

   This past week we bowled on a pair of lanes that were terrible! The computer was not keeping the score properly, I’m one to check what the computer gives me after each shot, and I’m glad I do because it was giving people 7’s instead of 8’s, and 9’s instead of strikes. We had to keep going in and making the corrections and it was slowing us down. Several people were getting annoyed on the other team and letting it be a distraction. I tried to stay focused and encouraged my team to do the same.

   As we were in the 6th frame of the second game, a team member of mine got an 8 on his first ball and when the machine re-set, it knocked down one of the pins and only one was standing up there instead of the two he had left. We didn’t have intercoms, so I put my shoe covers on and proceeded to go up to the desk and tell the guy so he could have the other pin set up. Then it happened two more times and someone else from the other team went to the desk to get someone back there to fix  the machine. We had to wait about 10 minutes and everyone was complaining. I kept my cool, but the other team was getting really annoyed! In a way it worked out for us because we ended up taking 5 out of 7 points, and the wood had been close, but because they let it get the best of them, we were able to win that last game and get the total wood by only about 19 pins! I told myself ahead of time in my own mind not to get annoyed, that it might be awhile before the lane got fixed and that was exactly the case. If this happens to you, try not to let it get to you. Your timing can get thrown off if you do have to stop bowling, but make sure you are counting your steps and feeling a nice rhythm with your leg and arm movements.

   The better bowler you are, the better you will be able to not get upset by these type of distractions, and if you are a fairly new bowler and can learn this early on, then you will become a better bowler that much quicker!!

     * Good luck and high scoring! Don’t forget to clean your ball if you haven’t already!


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  2. Your blog is full of entertainment and helpful information that can allure to anyone anytime. Continue posting!

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